Top Tips

  • Do some research and find out more about how roof repairs and replacements work, and what it includes. This is important so you can limit any tricks and bad workmanship.
  • Get reassurances from talking to neighbours or obtain references from your roofer. Alternatively take a moment online to visit Checkatrade and see how well local roofing companies perform. Visit our page.

We have built up a strong reputation for honesty and integrity with our customers and deliver on our specialist values, that’s why we are well-known throughout the local industry for our work that we carry out.

Our aim is to be open and as transparent as possible. Here are some frequently asked from our customers over the years:

When is Roof Repair Necessary? 
It is usually after harsh weather or a severe winter that a roof is in need of repair. A common sign of damage to the roof is a dark spot on interior ceilings. A damaged roof not only looks unappealing, but it can be unsafe over time. Though the repairs could be expensive, if your roof is under warranty it is a good idea to make them. Surprisingly, replacing the whole roof could be cheaper for you if it is not under warranty. 

What are the fundamentals of roof replacement?
When the roof is more than one-third damaged, replacement is usually recommended. Other indicators that you need to replace your roof include moderate interior leaking, blistering interior walls and curling or decaying shingles. A different kind of indicator is higher energy bills. Once you’ve decided to replace the roof, make sure that you select materials which closely match your property’s features and are able to withstand adverse weather conditions; our specialists are on-hand to recommend the most appropriate materials which will be most-suitable for your property.

How best to maintain your roof
By maintaining your roof properly, you’ll ensure that it remains safe and looks good too. Each spring inspect your roof for damage and vulnerability as a way of keeping your roofing costs down. Part of the inspection should include looking for streaks of discolouration, which are signs of mould, algae or fungus. If your trees and foliage are kept at a proper distance from the roof, you will avoid both wind damage and gutter system clogs.

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